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GYHA needs volunteers throughout the season for many different jobs, some of those jobs include:

Team manager for our mites: The team manager is in charge of coordination and communication of all operational aspect of your team.  They are the main liaison and support between the coaching staff , team and parents, to be sure that the season runs smoothly.

Bulletin Board Committee: the bulletin board between locker rooms 1 and 2 is used to showcase the goings on with our team(s).  This needs to be changed several time throughout the year.  This is a way to bring new interest into the association.

Glass Case Bulletin Board: This bulletin board needs to keep the membership up to date about upcoming events. This is a way to let the public know what we do and when we do it.

If you have interest in volunteering and you don't feel your area of interest is listed please fill out a volunteer application and let us know what you would like to do to help out.