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Lady Stars Mite Program

Lady Stars Mites Team Program

We are thrilled to finally have the opportunity to offer a GYHA Lady Stars 6U/8U program beginning for the 2023 - 2024 season! Below you will find helpful information to help you better understand what our Lady Stars 6U/8U program has to offer. Should you need additional information we encourage you to contact us.

Why join the GYHA Lady Stars Team?

First, you are giving girls the opportunity to begin to develop their skills, and be part of a team, with other girls their age.  Our Lady Stars girls will practice together in their own group alongside our Mites 6U/8U players.  This gives the girls the opportunity to practice their skills together in their own on ice stations, but also the opportunity to scrimmage other Mites 6U/8U players, which will better prepare them for their games.

The 6U/8U team programs are the fundamental stage of youth hockey and are essential for continued growth! We create a positive, healthy environment that focuses on mastering fundamental skills while having fun, which also helps to develop a lifelong interest in hockey! 

Hockey is a team sport. Therefore, it gives the girls the opportunity to learn the value of lifelong skills like cooperation, building trust, confidence, a positive self esteem, being a team player, responsibility and sportsmanship.

The objectives of the GYHA Lady Stars Development Program are:

  • Provide an enjoyable introduction to hockey for players of all abilities  

  • Teach the fundamentals of skating, balance, agility, and puck control

  • Focus on skill repetition, small drill areas, and cross ice games. Players are taught the proper way to perform skills, eliminating the formation of bad habits. Muscle memory is developed through repetition where skills are practiced repeatedly until performing them becomes second nature. Practice makes permanent, not perfect. 

  • We employ various cross-ice and small area games which are shown to develop individual and team skills, promote creativity, increase involvement, and provide more opportunities for players to touch the puck.

  • Teams will participate in Games and Jamborees with other area teams to promote teamwork and give the kids a fulfilling game-like experience.

Ice Time & Fees
The 8U Development Program begins in September and runs through the end of February or early March. The fee includes a minimum of 31 hours of ice instruction, and home and away games.

Registration Now Open

Nick Lane 2023 - 2024 Lady Stars Mites Season Head Coach

Nick Lane 2023 - 2024 Lady Stars Mites Season Head Coach


We have created the registration for anyone that would like to be considered for a coaching position for any of the programs that GYHA has to offer.  We need volunteers to help with the Learn To Play program on Monday nights.  We also need coaches seasonally for the Mites skills session on Wednesday nights.  (Safesport  certification and background check are required)

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